Reiki: Etobicoke

Reiki: Etobicoke
Have you ever talked to someone who has experienced a Reiki treatment? Chances are, they are enthusiastic about this extraordinary Japanese spiritual healing technique.
Reiki is an alternative health treatment that is completely safe, natural, and painless. It can be used to alleviate every conceivable type of medical condition, as well as to maximize a feeling of energy and wellbeing. Patients suffering from everything from the common cold to cancer tumours have found relief at the hands of a Reiki practitioner, and some have even experienced miraculous healing.
Reiki comes from two Japanese words, "Rei” meaning "God's wisdom” and "Ki” which is "life force energy.” A Reiki healer seeks to strengthen this unseen life force energy, while at the same time reducing stress and promoting relaxation. When this is accomplished, the client can experience feelings of calm and wellbeing. They may also release pent-up emotion, or feel a warmth and radiance surrounding them. In the wake of this, healing may occur.
Reiki Practitioners
Reiki is relatively new to North America. Mrs. Hawayo Takata brought the practice from Japan to America in 1937, and began training practitioners. Since Reiki was forced underground in Japan following the onset of the Second World War, so it's probable that Mrs. Takata's decision to bring the technique to the new world saved it. It's believed that the practice was developed by a teacher named Mikayo Usui in the 1920s.
Reiki healers are not trained in the same way that massage therapists and acupuncturists are trained. The ability is passed on during an "attunement" given by a Reiki master and allows the student to tap into an unlimited supply of life force energy.
Although Reiki is spiritual, it is not religious. There are no rules to follow and no dogma to believe. Practitioners note that it's not even necessary for clients to believe in the therapy – it often works even though clients are skeptical.
The technique relies on the "laying on of hands” or therapeutic touch where practitioners place their hands lightly on clients or just above the body in order to redirect energy. Scientists have attempted to measure the effects of the technique, and one study found significant decreases in the measurement of gamma rays during Reiki treatments, which may indicate changes in energy.
Virtually anyone can become a Reiki practitioner. If you are seeking one in Etobicoke, a good place to start is with other holistic professionals you may be seeing. Many naturopaths, homeopaths, massage therapists, or acupuncturists may know Reiki healers that they can recommend.
Who Can Benefit?
Everyone can benefit from Reiki treatment. Whether you are suffering from a serious health problem or simply hoping to improve your energy level, Reiki is a safe therapy that can be combined with any type of alternative or conventional therapies or medicines.
Patients with chronic pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, lower back problems, or other hard to treat illnesses may especially benefit from Reiki treatment.
Book a Reiki appointment today, and discover what this unique therapy has to offer.
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